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The Witches Circle 30 Tage Challenge / Ein Lebenszeichen nach längerer Abstinenz!

Wie ihr sicher bemerkt habt, habe ich mir eine Auszeit von sozialen Medien bzw. diesem Blog hier genommen. Die Gründe dafür sind beruflicher und rein privater Natur. Letzteres werden die Freunde, die diesen Blog ebenfalls mitlesen, sicherlich kennen… Nun wegen verschiedenster Ereignisse in der letzten Zeit, hatte ich auch erstmal die „Wicca a Year and a Day“-Geschichte auf Eis gelegt, doch auch diese werde ich bald wieder in Angriff nehmen, weshalb im Laufe von Pfingsten auch auf meinem YouTube Kanal wieder neues zu finden sein wird. Wer bis dahin mein „aktuelles“ Video noch nicht gesehen hat, der kann das jetzt nachholen:


Allerdings war ich in der Zeit, in der es hier etwas ruhiger war, doch nicht ganz abstinent, denn ich war trotz der Tatsache, dass es vielleicht nicht gerade leicht war in letzter Zeit sehr häufig in den Amino Apps, die ich im letzten Blogeintrag vorgestellt habe, unterwegs. Dort gab es dann z.B. von mir etwas zur #NaturesWay Challenge oder zur 30 Tage Challenge vom Witches‘ Circle zu lesen.

Da ich aber von keinem erwarte, dass ich mir bei den Apps nun folgt und außerdem das Ganze auch noch auf Englisch ist (und ich weis nach wie vor, dass einige von euch kein Englisch verstehen, oder es nur mäßig beherrschen), habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, die Postings, die ich dort gemacht habe, hier im Blog ins Deutsche zu übersetzen. Anfangen werde ich dazu nächsten Monat mit der gerade genannten 30 Tage Challenge! (siehe unten)

Ich hoffe, euch gefällt meine Idee und bin gespannt auf eure Kommentare! Desweiteren freue ich mich generell immer über Kommentare, konstruktive Kritik oder Themenvorschläge eurerseits.

The Witches‘ Circle 30 Day Challenge:

Day 1) The Beginning
How did you start your journey into the Craft? What was it that first drew you to Wicca or Witchcraft?

Day 2) Patron Deity
Do you have a patron deity you work with? How did you first discover this deity? And what is your relationship like with them?

Day 3) Dedication/Initiation
Have you gone through with a self dedication or initiation? Have you been officially initiated into a coven or Tradition? What were your experiences like?

Day 4) Offerings
Do you give any offerings? How do you do so? What kind do you give? Who do you give offerings to?

Day 5) Elements
How do you see the Elemental forces? Which ones do you work with? Classical? Eastern maybe? Is there any one Element that you feel particularly drawn to?

Day 6) Tools
What tools do you use when practicing witchcraft? Did you make any yourself or find any by chance? Do any of your tools have a practical use or are they strictly ceremonial? Which is your favorite?

Day 7) Book of Shadows/Grimoire
Do you keep a record of your magical studies? What do you use? Do you use a magical code? Do you have a special name for your book? What significance does it have for you?

Day 8) Wicca or Witchcraft?
Are you a practicing Wicca? Or are you simply a practicing witch? What do these words mean to you and why do you choose to call yourself either a witch or wiccan?

Day 9) Dark and Light
What are your views on „darker“ and „lighter“ forms of practicing witchcraft? Do you prefer one over another? Or do you try to remain neutral?

Day 10) Love Magic
What are your opinions on using love magic? Have you ever used it? What do you think would be the best way to get the best outcome from using such magicks.

Day 11) Witchy Jewelry
Share your favorite piece of witchy jewelry. What does it mean for you? Is it empowered to hold any metaphysical properties? How do you feel wearing it? How do people react when they notice it?

Day 12) Pop Culture Witchcraft
Create a spell or design a practice that is inspired by a favorite show, movie, book, or video game even.

Day 13) Witchy Role Model
Who is your witchy role model? Perhaps it’s an author? Or your mentor? A family member? Maybe they’re not even a fellow witch but their ideals inspire you on your path?

Day 14) Make a difference
This isn’t very witchy but it is beneficial. Do something that will benefit the planet, a stray animal, or a fellow human being if you are able. It seems difficult but its really not. You can start by picking up litter. Walking. Taking the bus. Maybe if you enjoy doing it you can make it a regular habit, might help you better connect with the spirits of the land.

Day 15) What’s your Symbol?
Today’s challenge will really encourage you to look within yourself and find your own symbol of power. A symbol that represents you, your family, or your own personal path. Find out the symbolism behind it. Why you feel drawn to it.

Day 16) Create a Sigil
Create a new sigil and come up with a fun way to use it or charge it. A few examples could be placing the sigil on the soles of your shoes. Or drawing it in a cup of tea or hit chocolate. Maybe even drawing it in a pot or pan while cooking.

Day 17) Create a Spell
Create a spell that will really show off your personality, beleifs, and experience as a witch. Since spellcrafting is a rather personal experience and not everyone feels comfortable sharing just try and create something similar to what you would do for your own spells.

Day 18) Witchy Roots
Chances are that if you go back far enough you’ll find some witches in your family tree. And if you go even further I’m sure at some point every one of our ancestors was „pagan“. Today’s challenge is to look into your family tree and find any evidence of a witchy history. No. We’re not looking for members to jump up and say „I’m descended from the last surviving Salem witches“. Take this seriously. Maybe your eccentric care free aunt is a bit of a witch? Maybe your grandmother was a spiritual healer? Maybe your greatgrandfather was a bit of a „berserker“?

Day 19) Ancestors
Now that you have looked into your family history, maybe its a good time to honor your family members who have passed on to the next life? What are some practices you can incorporate into your practice to honor your ancestors? Do you already honor them somehow? Do you draw strength from your family?

Day 20) Kitchen Witchery
As shown with the sigil challenge, magic can be used when working in the kitchen. Today’s challenge will encourage you to create a recipe written with a magical purpose. Or. Maybe you can look through an old recipe and discover the magical properties the ingredients hold?

Day 21) Unfamiliar Celebrations
I’m sure by now most of us are familiar with the 8 wiccan Sabbats. But not all of us are wiccan. And I’m sure most of us are well aware that the wiccan Sabbats are not the only festive days/nights a witch or pagan can participate in. Today’s challenge will encourage you to talk about a lesser known celebration in the pagan community. How do you celebrate it?

Day 22) Forgotten Deities
There is a seemingly infinite amount of gods and spirits that were once or are worshipped around the world. As modern day pagans most of us try and learn about the „Old Gods“, but even then most of those gods are overlooked and forgotten. Today’s challenge will be to write about a deity you feel has been overlooked and „forgotten“.

Day 23) Angels, Demons, and Faeries. Oh my!
There are a plethora of spirits that we as witches can choose to work with. What sorts of spirits do you choose to work with in your practice, if you work with any at all. How do you view these spirits? How do they influence your practice?

Day 24) The Afterlife
As a witch, how do you personally see the Afterlife? I don’t want a text book answer. I want to know what you feel, or hope, will await you at the end of your days. Its a bit of a morbid topic maybe, but death is not something we should fear. Maybe today’s topic will help some of us find peace.

Day 25) What is your Path?
This is pretty much the whole point of your challenge, but today’s topic will ask you to create a bio of sorts explaining your personal beliefs and practices. What Traditions do your follow or use as inspiration? Do you intend to one day pass on your knowledge to someone? Be they student or daughter/son.

Day 26) Favorite Gemstone
Gemstones really are wonderful. There are so many different kinds out there, each with their own properties. But what is your favorite? And why? What sort of properties does your favorite gemstone hold? What do you use it for?

Day 27) Witchy Music
Do you have any music that you listen to that males you feel particularly witchy? Is it made to be witchy or does it only evoke a sense of power within you? Create a little playlist you can listen to that makes you feel empowered while crafting spells or working rituals.

Day 28) How did you know?
At some point in our lives we all had a moment of clarity where we just knew that witchcraft was the right path for us. So how did you know?

Day 29) Outside the box
Take a look at your personal path and come up with something new you haven’t really done before. Do some research and try this „new“ practice out. Did you like this new practice? Did you get any results?

Day 30) Thoughtforms
Finish off this challenge by going big. Tell us what your thoughts on advanced thoughtforms are. Do you prefer the term servitor? Or egregore perhaps? Finally, design your own thoughtform. If you don’t feel comfortable giving this creation magical life then just describe what kind of detail you would put into this thought form. What would it be created for? How long would it be allowed to exist?